Luchar, maldecir y apostar

Lo que un niño necesita saber (aunque «no debería necesitar saber»), en un discurso proponiendo a un santo moderno:

(…) For my modern-day saint I chose a man who shares
many of the same qualities as St. William of Rochester (…)

He doesn’t like people and not many people like him (…)

If you dig deeper you see a man beyond his faults (…)

Vincent learned all the things that kids shouldn’t need to know:

Fighting, cursing and gambling (…)

He taught me how to fight,
how to stand my ground and be brave,
how to speak up and be bold.

(…) saints fight for themselves and others,
so that they might be heard.

He taught me how to gamble,
horse racing, Keno, the Over and Under,
which is a big reason why I’m grounded ‘til I’m eighteen X-D (…)

(de la peli «St. Vincent»)

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