Paige Anderson and the fearless kin

Paige Anderson and the fearless kin es un grupo de «bluegrass» (más o menos country) que sorprende por sus melodías, sus armonías y sus letras:

«Hollow bones of white swans»

Well the metal silver lining,
Oh it guides me on my way,
Follow me or die,
You’ll never leave my sight or mind


When I cry at night,
The dust oh clouds my eyes,
I can’t see a thing, as the night rolls on
I can feel it on my soul, it’s calling me
It’s time to go

«Follow me to the south»

Half the truth is a whole lie,
Don’t beat up that dead horse,
Just leave it there, and walk away, and dance all alone,
Cause tomorrow is coming, and nothing stays the same

«Where did you go?»

I lost you in a winter’s summer,
Like a button in a box of small beads,
Or a needle in a haystack,
A perfect shot glass in a junkyard,
I miss you, I miss you so


I’m holding your hand,
With a grief so strong,
I don’t want you to go,
Even though it’s not fair,
But death silently oh catches us all,
So I kiss your head and I let you go to sleep,
In peace, and harmony, oh rest your soul


Don’t save me, cause I’ve already been tamed,
By the ways of life, through the pain and suffering that comes with everyday,
Don’t save me, from what you think is wrong,
Cause you don’t know, and you didn’t ask why I’m going this way

The bridges are burned and your eyes can’t see anymore,
So you fall to the ground and you die with the world,
You look up to the standards that are placed in your life,
Cause times are always changing, and your hourglass,
Isn’t gonna stop for a dime

En su canal de Youtube, Anderson Family bluegrass, puedes disfrutar de sus canciones, por ejemplo:

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